Management and Technical Expertise

Birthed out of industry – targeted to industry. Our extensive food and health care industry experience provides an ideal platform for quality, innovative and relevant training solutions.

Customised Service

Just as every work environment has its own life and needs, we will listen to you and tailor each training program to achieve your unique staff development and business goals.


No matter what the constraints you may have, be they production, time or geographical location, we offer flexible solutions to meet your changing demands.

Catering to Multicultural Workforces

As the food and health care industries embraces diversity, our training solutions can accommodate a variety of cultural backgrounds, language and literacy needs and English as a second language students.

Cost Effective

We recognise that businesses work to budgets. We work hard to achieve training outcomes that are cost effective, produce tangible financial benefits and excellent returns on money invested.

Nationally Accredited Training

Working within the Australian Qualifications Framework our training courses are nationally accredited, industry specific and professionally recognised.

HACCP based Food Safety Plans

We specialise in providing easy to understand and comprehensive Food Safety Plans based on HACCP principles and guidelines. Each plan is developed in close consultation with key staff to accommodate existing quality systems and meet all requirements within the new national food safety legislation specifically for:

  • Aged Care
  • Hospitals

More information on Food Safety Plan Services