This training course has two objectives:

  • To provide all food handling staff with the necessary skills and knowledge in food hygiene and food safety
  • To reinforce the requirements all food handlers have under the Food Standards Code

It is tailored for all employees involved in food handling and is suitable for staff working both within and outside the kitchen.

Training Overview

The course covers all the fundamental issues employee’s need to be aware of whilst handling food and provides an overview of the new Food Standards Code and what each individual’s responsibilities are within it. This includes:

  • Personal hygiene and hand washing
  • Safe food handling and food storage principles
  • The causes of food poisoning
  • Temperature control and the 2 hour / 4 hour rule
  • Preventing cross contamination
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • What does the Government require?

The training includes an excellent video on food hygiene fundamentals and can be tailored to incorporate the specific work instructions, forms and checksheets that are used in your organisation.

The training session usually runs for 2.5 hours, is scheduled around work rosters and will accommodate up to 15 participants in the one session –  making it much more convenient and cost effective.

Venue: The training is done at your workplace

Clothing and Equipment: There is no specific clothing or equipment needed for learners to provide for the workshop

Our Price

Is $ 660 for up to 15 students including GST and prorata for any additional student’s.

Each participant receives a workbook during the training session, which can become a handy reference guide for future use. A short assessment is conducted to confirm each student’s competency and a Certificate forwarded on successful completion.