The purpose of this training is to provide vocational skills for employees in the food industry in conducting internal audits of an existing HACCP based food safety plan where internal auditing is implemented to support external audit compliance.

The focus of the three day training course “Auditing your HACCP Plan” is to enable participants to understand how to conduct an audit to confirm food safety outcomes are being consistently achieved.

This includes a validation exercise that confirms the food safety plan is consistent with current scientific knowledge and industry best practice, and a verification program that confirms the organisation is consistently meeting its food safety requirements on a day-to-day basis.

The nationally accredited training is aligned to the following competency unit from the Food Processing training package:

  • FBPPPL3005 – Participate in an audit process

Note: This unit is current from 18th December 2018

Training Outline and Delivery

The training covers the following areas:

  • Overview of a HACCP based food safety plan
  • Verification, scheduling and validation methods
  • Planning and Preparation
  • Conducting an on-site audit
  • Reporting audit findings and outcomes
  • Follow-up activities

This course uses a combination of both off-the-job and on-the-job training. The off-the-job training encompasses a three day workshop with day one focusing on auditing principles, day two on conducting audits and day three on reporting audit findings.

The on-the-job training and assessment occurs in the one or two months following the workshop, where students practice their auditing skills by conducting one or more internal audits on various aspects of their enterprises existing food safety program.

Venue: The training is conducted at your workplace and includes a comprehensive workbook combined with a number of on-site activities, where participant practice conducting an internal audit and determining compliance levels. Areas of non-compliance are identified and recommendations developed to address these.

Resources: The training utilises your organisation’s existing internal audit systems so that participants gain a thorough understanding of the auditing process. Should these systems not be fully in place, the training workshop can focus on further developing these by considering desired audit outcomes and constructing questions that address these areas.

Assessment is conducted both during the workshop and afterwards as participants successfully complete their assigned audit tasks. On assessing student’s competence a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment is forwarded on successful completion.

Clothing: Each learner must wear suitable clothing and footwear for the workshops to allow entry into the workplace.

Course Admission Requirements / Pre-requisites

There are no pre-requisites for entry to this course, however applicants will be required to attend an information session and undertake a Basic Skills assessment

Our Price

In developing an Audit program for your HACCP plan we recognise that each business, either small, medium sized or large has its own unique requirements. Our aim therefore is to be a cost competitive supplier by tailoring our services to meet your needs.

On this basis we would be pleased to visit your site (at no expense or obligation) and discuss with you your individual needs.