We are a specialist training and consulting organisation that is committed to providing for the total training, management and technical needs of the food and health care industries of Australia.

Service Focus

The Australian Food Training Centre is a transformational company. We believe our role is to support businesses transform themselves by providing great training solutions. AFTC’s key emphasis is on providing business solutions that focus on both employees and business needs. We create opportunity and bring transformation firstly to people, then to workplace culture, so that ultimately each business prospers.


We are a Registered Training Organisation that has been operating for the past twenty years in South Australia. We have a small team of specialist trainers who deliver first class training to various sectors of the food and health care industries. Our Principal Officer has over thirty years management experience in the food processing and health care industries in a wide range of functions. This helps give us a high understanding of what each client needs and enables us to customise our services around the unique requirements of each client.


We desire to create a national network of training services to the food and health care industries, with the ability to conduct high quality customised training at each client’s workplace in either metropolitan or regional centres.


  • Customised Service
  • Flexibility
  • Management and Technical Expertise
  • Catering to Multi Cultural Workforces
  • Nationally Accredited Training
  • Cost Effective
  • “Birthed out of industry – targeted to industry”